Terms & Conditions


Noordhoek Taxis Terms and Conditions 

  1. All trips are charged on the meter fitted to the taxi cab, unless it is a set fare as published under our standard discounted rates or has been previously arranged with the operator. In this case the driver will have been informed of this prior to the trip.
  1. The rate is R12/km with R2 on the meter when it is started (flag fall, this essentially means that the 1st km costs R14 instead of R12, as charged thereafter until the end of the trip) Any time spent waiting for a client during the trip at their request will be charged at R48/hour.
  1. These fares are mandated by the Western Cape DOT on the operating permit of the cab & can be seen displayed prominently on the outside of the vehicle as per the regulations governing taxi cab operations. The meter is calibrated to the mandated fare, checked by the traffic police & sealed to prevent tampering, so what you see is what you owe for a trip.
  1. The cost of a trip is at any time visible to clients in the vehicle on the meter. If the client finds at any point during a trip that the cost is becoming more than they have on them, it is suggested that that they ask the driver to stop & let them out of the vehicle & pay what they owe for the trip to that point.